MASW Seismic Sub-Surface (Soil & Rock) Imaging

For projects that require advanced investigation of subterranean soil, Earthsolve is leading Australia in sub-surface image profiling. Our civil, geotechnical, and structural engineers specialise in combining seismic imaging technology with traditional testing methods to give you the most accurate and reliable results regarding your property’s stability. As Australia’s only seismic survey company, we offer direct, cost-effective professional service with our civil, structural, and geotechnical consultants to give you reliable results.

Over the past few years, we have noticed an Australian industry-wide gap in consistently reliable subsurface imaging results. Seismic surveys use MASW technology to effectively ‘see’ through even concrete to provide a sub-surface profile down to the rock line of a site and beyond. Our sub-surface profiles can output data to reveal soil and rock profile up to 100 metres depth, if needed for your project.

  • Soil and rock strength comparative data to about 100 metres depth
  • Void detection
  • Hard layer detection

We can provide imaging results in one dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional output to give you a complete picture of your sub-surface terrain.

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3D map of MASW seismic results

3D map of MASW seismic results