A powerpoint presentation at local Gold Coast engineers group, Wed. 26th Feb 2014 at 5-30pm.

Added: 25 January 2014

The title will be 'Geotechnical Quality Assurance by using Geophysical Seismic Methods.'

Presenter: Earthsolve Engineer Mr. Jeremy Fredericks

Abstract— Geotechnical testing is mostly dominated by discrete methods such as drilling boreholes, different types of penetrometer testing and common compaction test methods. These methods have served the engineering profession for over a hundred years and widely accepted. New geophysical methods of testing are now available. These geophysical methods are revealing deficiencies in our current physical methods as well as providing geotechnical insight into common geotechnical problems on building sites.   These geophysical methods are revealing how to view the site as a whole as opposed to the discrete snapshot view testing methods now being used. These geophysical methods are proving to be quick and thus economical as well as maintaining accepted geotechnical accuracies. Based on research, it is possible to obtain material properties from seismic results. It will take time for geotechnical engineers to become familiar with these new methods of testing, but results using these geophysical methods indicate that the time has arrived.

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