About Us

Established as a civil, geotechnical, and structural engineering consultancy on the Coast for over thirty years,

Earthsolve combines innovation and experience for your structural and geotechnical engineering projects. Our structural and geotechnical engineers on the Gold Coast are leaders in their field and have national recognition for advances in the engineering field in seismic sub-surface imaging technology, as well as being only of the very few seismic sub-surface survey entities in Australia. Bringing a wide knowledge base to your project, we provide high-quality and cost-effective structural and geotechnical engineering on the Gold Coast and throughout Australia for all residential, industrial, and commercial projects.

Geotechnical Engineering services include soil testing, slope stability assessment, filling compaction certification, MASW seismic imaging (imaging to 100m depth), Refraction seismic imaging, on-site sewerage assessment and design and subsidence investigations. Our equipment is up to date and state of the art, in line with the latest European and American technology. Hence our test methods are fast and cost effective, to provide a very effective high accuracy service.

Structural Engineering services include delapidation reports, footing system design, frame and all bracing design, wind category assessment, suspended concrete design, steel design and swimming pool design etc.. 

Expertise of Earthsolve’s engineers in MASW & Refraction seismic sub-surface imagery sets our firm apart in the industry and gives our clients the benefit of a more sophisticated soil and rock foundation evaluation. MASW seismic is very suitable on any urban building and is able to sound penetrate through pavements. Especially on difficult sites, some of which may not be able to be characterised using conventional drilling methods..

Earthsolve provides professionalism and commitment to delivering accurate, cost-effective solutions to your geotechnical, structural, and civil engineering needs.